Record Your Details, Experiences and Achievements

During your time at 492 you’ll have the opportunity to take part in numerous activities/ qualifications. With the size of the squadron it’s important we keep your achievements/ qualifications up-to-date on our system called BADER. To help, please fully complete the form below.

Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes

Beneath the form there is an image of what can be included/ recorded on our system. Please use this as a useful guide.

You should also update your 3822 with any qualifications achieved, and then bring to the staff to sign off.

If you have any issues, speak to CWO Gordon

Name *
Please list in a column all the awards/qualifications you've achieved and WHEN you achieved them. A date MUST be included
Only complete this if since you've joined 492, your home address and or telephone/ registered mobile number has changed. This is vital for safeguarding.
Section 2
Please select what you would like to take part in during 2019/2020. Many activities/ awards have to be planned well in advance, such as first aid training.
Wing Competition Day
A provision for what training/ qualifications we need to deliver next year
Sports on Squadron
In consideration of starting up a squadron team what would you consider playing in?
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Which level do you want to do (realistically) next year (2020)

Below are qualifications that can be recorded

Examples of the types of information that can be stored on BADER

Examples of the types of information that can be stored on BADER