Effective leadership and respect are two elements that drive personal development and opportunities within the air cadets. ‘Ranks’ are titles that are given to staff and NCO’s, each rank representing a set of different responsibilities that help to maintain the squadron. The list of ranks starts with adults (instructors and senior staff) followed by cadet ranks, with the most senior in each group at the top.

Officer Ranks

  • Wing Commander

  • Squadron Leader

  • Flight Lieutenant

  • Flying Officer

  • Pilot Officer

Non Commisioned Officer Ranks ( Staff NCO’s)

  • Warrant Officer

  • Flight Sergeant

  • Sergeant

Cadet Non Commisioned Officer Ranks ( Cadet NCO’s)

  • Cadet Warrant Officer

  • Cadet Flight Sergeant

  • Cadet Sergeant

  • Cadet Corporal

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