The squadron is also made up of 15 experienced NCO's (Non-commissioned officers). These are cadets who have shown outstanding aptitude in all areas of leadership, and have progressed up the ranks through their time. NCO's are a vital part of running the day-to-day business of the squadron, and are a huge support to the staff team.


Our cadets are split into 4 flights: A flight, B flight, C flight and RTF (Recruit Training Flight), each flight led by a Sergeant, and usually 2-3 corporals. The two flight sergeants take more of an overview, instead aiding the Cadet Warrant Officer in management and other administrative tasks that are vital for the squadrons ongoing success.


Our current NCO structure can be seen below:

NCO Structure.png

Meet 3 of the SNCO team below:

Cadet Warrant Officer Gordon

I joined 492 in October 2013. Approaching nearly 6 years in the corps, I've been fortunate to experience so much that I'd never have done had I not joined 492. Right from starting as a cadet I've earned First Aid qualifications, progressed through academic learning, and been able to spend week-long visits at live RAF bases through an array of different summer annual camps. In my later years, becoming an NCO on the squadron really opened up new opportunities; I achieved a fully funded 12 hour flying scholarship in 2018, with another in 2019, I'm progressing towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh's award, and have achieved the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer; the highest rank a cadet can achieve within the air cadets. I mean this to be mere proof of how far the air cadets can send you with the right attitude, grit and determination.

 I believe its the determination for success that is 492's biggest accolade. The spirit of winning and pushing yourself to achieve, is a feeling that I've carried forwards all the way through my cadet career and into all areas of my life.


Flight Sergeant Lelwala

Coming soon…

FS L.jpg

Flight Sergeant England

I joined 492 in November 2014. During my time at cadets I have gained qualifications in leadership, first aid and navigation. I’m currently in the process of finishing my Gold DofE by going on a camp to RAF Fairbourne. This is just an example of one of the many RAF bases that the Air Training Corps gives it’s cadets the opportunity to do. I can really say that I am truly grateful for all the experiences and opportunities 492 has given me.